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Go Shopping - the lazy way to burn calories

Love this article.. now I have more reason to do it daily, yay!! - Like I ever need any all this while.. hehe


Go Shopping -- The Lazy Way To Burn Calories

Why window shopping counts as exercise!
Good news for shopaholics! You'd be happy to know that all those shopping sprees are counting toward the 30 minutes of physical activity you're supposed to have each day to ward off weight gain and heart disease. If you're a gym-hater, window shopping is a lazy way to squeeze in some exercise and burn calories. So, instead of having tea dates with your BFFs, schedule an afternoon of retail therapy together.

Here's how shopping -- and browsing -- helps you burn more calories:

1You're walking

Mall walking, even when you stop every now and then to browse, adds up to a surprisingly solid exercise session. You'll burn 100 calories per half hour.

2You're trying on a dozen outfits

Changing in the fitting room literally gives your body a workout! You're doing leg lifts and arm stretches and walking in place -- zapping about 100 calories per half hour.

3You're climbing stairs

If you use the stairs at the mall and at the multi-storey carpark, instead of taking the elevator, you'll slash even more calories. Stair climbing blasts more calories than walking does -- up to 100 calories in 15 minutes.


How can I not agree with this article?

After all shopping never fails to make me happy !!! .. :)