Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pembantu rumah Oh Pembantu rumah

Once it was reported in a local newspaper that Cambodia closes maid centres.. Before that there's issue with Indonesia.. We have many poor family from our own citizens that need stable income.. Can't we train our own people? Can't Malaysians consider working as maids/helpers? Last time helpers were Malaysians and it worked well.. It's not a  job, but it's a decent job.. Why must depend on others when our own people many in desperate need of job?

A friend told me that Felda did propose this last year, even to operate a college. But many educated by any way opposed to such proposal. Why?

Common reply I'll get to that (and even I agree to it) is Malaysians almost if not 99.999% rather work in factory or other kind of jobs that more 'decent' than be 'orang gaji'. Is it true?
To my eyes, it is a noble job.

Some says because the pay is low. With the sama salary, Malaysian would rather work as operator pengeluaran. Although shift but at least 8 working hours a day. If work more hour got OT/bonus. After working can go shopping or watch movie to relieve stress. If bos harasses can complain to union/higher authority. Maid works 5am-12am, non-stop. Especially homes with many kids. Nobody to talk to except anak tuan rumah. No annual leave. No sosial life what so ever. Some cases tuan rumah tak bagi maid keluar rumah pun. With no friends, do they feel depressed? Who do they turn to complain? Most just ran away.

But I disagree. As far as I know the salary for that job is higher nowadays. It's even better than most job of same category because salary received is nett pay. No deduction for rental, utilities, groceries, tax etc. Sure, salary can be higher since no requirement for work permit unlike those from other countries. My own relative ada yg keje as helper for years, and now in her late 40s/or 50s still working. Wherever the employers goes they bring her along. During Hari Raya same as other working people she gets to come back to hometown. Another relative pula,his helper also a local and been staying with the family for years, only recent years balik kampung for good due to old age. Ada pula yg datang for few hours daily or certain days in a week to help with houseworks. 

It's not glamorous but a decent and noble job, plus salary paid is nett. It's how individual and employer perceive the job, that's all.

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