Thursday, April 2, 2009

FRIM, Kepong - Saturday 8am 28-03-2009

Gosh! It's been more than a month haven't been to FRIM. Though it's quite a distance to go there, but the air surrounds it and the peaceful feeling it offers make the journey worth a million. Quite a struggle to complete climbing the hill, with additional burden of kampung fried rice and teh tarik - eagerness to picnic at the waterfall. So afraid to stop even for a breath or a drop of water, in case the body take control of the mind. Finally, the task completed and most important within an hour - at least that's a comfort.

The effort, the sweats, the additional burden, the sore muscles, the heavy breathing are all gone the moment I saw the spot we are heading for our picnic. Gone all the tiredness trekking up the hill, gone all the tiredness spending more than 8 hours a day working Monday to Friday the moment I lay my eyes on this serenity. A promise is made that this will not be the last (also an excuse for me to buy a pair of new shoes the very next day!!).

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