Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shoes @ 13 April 2009

My simple pump found at BATA in 2008 which supposed to be my walking shoes during office hours. But I'm used to wear high heels, thus at the end it became my 2nd 'slippers' at home and now it's my 'slippers' at my new office :)

My Bali slippers. Got it in Kuta, Bali for about RM6. Since then it travels with me almost every where.

Andak gave to me yesterday, 11/4/09 to wear in the house. She bought it for RM6. It brought old memories.

Viss, JJ Balakong, end 2008/Jan09, about RM25 (sweet, isn't it?). Thought I needed a proper covered shoes to wear with certain office clothes :)

New sport shoes for trekking at FRIM/exercise (RM40). Accompanied Maria to look for new sport shoes at Mines Shopping Mall on 29/3/09. Hmm I thought I needed a pair myself.. hehe.

Thought of having a casual snickers for me to wear with jeans. Viss, JJ Balakong, end of 2008, RM25.

My 1st Crocodile shoes, last pair, got it from Jaya Jusco, Balakong for RM49.90. Was looking for comfortable and not too high black shoes for my day-to-day use on working days (such a lame excuse, isn't it?). But indeed it is very comfortable.

Andak gave to me somewhere in 2008 after I started work again as she seldom wear it (I never wear it till today as never found suitable time/clothes for it).

My ballerina shoes found at Viss, Jaya Jusco Balakong in end 2008. Last pair, about RM17.

Marie Claire, BATA Ampang Point in June 2007 while window shopping with Nur & Maria after attending Ellysa's wedding at Kelab Darul Ehsan, Ampang Jaya.

Found it during my first trip to Jakarta/Bandung in July 2004. Stopped for lunch at a Sundanese Restaurant in Puncak on our way to Bandung (me, Zura, Nik, Nisa, Wati, Dollah, Agus and Wahyu). Went cuci mata at a souveneir shop next to it while waiting for the food and found this, about RM30. Zura & Wati each bought a pair, different design.

Me and Co'ot met Ija and Zila at Madam Kwan, KLCC for lunch in April 2008. A treat by Zila to Penganggur Terhormat (me & Co'ot). My shoes terputus after that, thus went to Isetan to get a simple shoes - Twins, RM29.

My Princess-D shoes from Bally factory outlet in Greenwich, GBP5.00, June/July 1997. Made the trip with Heng before came back to Malaysia (one that I still keep till today). Too bad as a student I had limited extras to spend, or else God knows how many I would have bought :)

Got this from Ravel in Kingston (1997) for GBP5.00. Still keep till today and sometimes wear it. Love the design and have sentimental value.

Viss, Jaya Jusco Balakong, between Oct 200 to Jan 2009. Thought I needed a nice presentable slips-on other than my 'good old' Bali slippers :)

Areen bought for me to match a tailor-made dress she prepared for me as her bridesmaid on her BIG day in May 2005.

Gift from Andak for my 35th birthday in Feb 2009.

Went around Midvalley with Doreen on 23/8/08, she's looking for shoes. Stopped at Primavera and somehow I decided that I also need shoes for my new job.. :) .. Paid total of RM87.20 for both.

My latest collection. Went to The Weld on 7/4/09 during lunch to heat up my body and this is what I got at Elle for RM29 during the rush hour. So adorable, so how can I say 'NO'... :)

My kasut raya 2008, RM19.50 after discount, from Marie Claire, BATA Mines Shopping Mall on 9/8/08. Bought it as it matched my baju raya !!

Met Doreen at Midvalley and this was what I got from Vincci by the end of our meeting, about RM25 after 50% discount.

Last pair at BATA, Alamanda (got it for about RM17). Went there with Maria on weekend.

My first Lewre shoes. Bought it (50% discount, RM65.70) while survey Isetan sale at Lot 10 during lunch time, 2008/09.

Grabbed it from Elle Midvalley while waiting for Maria (we met after work).

Got it from Metrojaya Midvalley in 1st quarter of 2009 while accompaned Maria buying track bottom.

My one and only shoes bought from Harrods, London in 1996/97 for not more than GBP20.00. A sentimental value for my memory with Harrods after I gaveaway my one and only MGM stretchable-jeans, which I also bought from there, to my sister after it 'stretched out' (that's what happened when you 'let' other people wear your stretchable clothes).

A Marie Claire shoes from BATA, Jaya Jusco Kelang (Aug 2008). Went to visit my friend there and we went window shopping. Bought it as a treat for my new job. I paid the most for it, RM132.30 after 30% discount. Unfortunately, the comfy it offers not worth the price.

Bought them at Parkson, Pavillion on 8Mar09 while accompanied Elly buying dinner clutch.

Found at Nose, Pavillion (2008/09) while accompanied Areen looking for shoes (she bought 2 pairs).

Shoes are one of my passions. Despite always in a tight budget, a pair of new shoes never fail to brighten my day. There was once in 2005 a colleague of mine asked me to count my handbags and shoes (never did that before), so I did. And to my surprise, I had 33 handbags and 33 shoes !! (of course each not meant for the other. Just a coincidence. And that excluded sport shoes & slippers). Gosh! If I had kept all, perhaps by now I have a room just for shoes - which always is my dream. After all, there's always reason to buy a new one.. And sometimes, no reason is needed at all :)


Fi-sha said...

OMG my dear...thats a lot, you gonna make imelda scream in envy hehehehhehehe...

Mia's Mom said...

Hi Dear! (:-D,

Still crazy over shoes, huh? From my recollection, I remember the Princess-D, Ravel & the powder blue Harrod's shoes. Yang lain tu I tak berapa berkenalan lagi sebab baru. Hehehe!

Lady Florenz said...

Mia's Mom, that shows how long we have not met .. hehe

Shoes never fail to cheer me up, that's why I never stop buying .. hehe

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